Pac-Man's Head is Finished! (Day 172)

Yay! I finished Pac-man's head. Except the extra piece on the inside that helps it balance correctly on the shoulders. My boyfriend also bought the pants he needed so that I can paint them. He bought them from a thrift store, so I'm going to wash them, along with the pants I've decided to use, before painting them.

Painting could take as little as one day, or as long as a week. I'm leaning more toward a week. The paint needs four hours to dry before I can put steam on it to puff up the white. with my workspace, I'm thinking I'll be lucky if I can do one pant leg at a time, and I refuse to move them until they dry. Plus, I have to do the front and back of both pairs of pants.

If I get off my butt and clean out the sewing room, I could conceivably have enough room to do one side of each pair of pants at once, wait for them to dry, puff the paint, then flip them over and repeat. Ah well. We all know that won't happen ^-^


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