Steampunk Design (Days 178 - 181)

BLARG! Didn't update for hecka days. Mostly because I haven't been doing anything. At all. Heh.

But today I started sketching out my design for a steampunk outfit. It's more Victorian-inspired clothing than mechanics, so that needs some work, but so far, I'm liking it. I'll upload pictures, ahh.. Eventually, haha.

I've got a high-collared jacket with two tails and some Victorian era designs on the back, Victorian era men's trousers, a metal bustier with bolts for buttons and gears on the top that makes clicking noises similar to a heartbeat when wound. I also have a top hat with a Victorian-inspired design on it, though I can't decide whether that design should go in the front or on the side.

I'm also looking into making a steam-powered revolver, not a functional one, of course. I found a picture of one online though (shown above).

I haven't even decided on colors yet, other than brass and maybe a navy blue or deep purple. Bleh. I don't even know what to say.


  1. My friends and I want to do a Steampunk air ship crew sometime, after we have done all the other costumes we have in mind... xD Well not after ALL of them... but eventually we want to get to the steampunk stuff. I have a few designs already down but I am never completely happy.. ;_;

    :] It'll be cool to see what you've come up with!

  2. That would be cool to do a whole crew =O I think my design is more nobleman than anything though. So it'd be more like a court than a crew if I got a group, haha.