Pretzels Are Not a Fruit! (Day 167)

SO I put a second coat of paint on the side of Pac-man that needs it. It's going to need at least one more, maybe two. Then I started sewing the fruits onto the Pac-man shirt. I hate that pretzel! It was quite possibly the most complex thing I've ever sewn. And it's not even a fruit! Rawr.

I finished sewing on the pretzel and the cherries, and sewed most of the orange (still have to sew the orange leave though). I also got around to cleaning up the sewing room a bit. Only to have my mom trash it seconds later. Ugh. Ah well.

I also tested out the puffy paint that I bought for the white dots that will be on the jeans (you have to wait for it to dry, then activate it with steam). Omg, I love it. They're all puffy and 3D and squishy =D. I also figured out how to use the steam on my iron! Yay! It's not hard, I just never needed it before.

No pictures today, sorry D= Didn't really finish anything, so I didn't feel the need for pictures.

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