Chi Maintenance (Days 250 & 251)

First off, for anyone wondering, I spell Chi with one "I" because that's how it's spelled in the manga, and I've only read the manga, so that's the spelling I'm familiar with.

In any case, however you spell it, I did a little bit of touch-up on Chi. Basically, I made it fit better around my torso because I had problems with it at Fanime and it looked sloppy. Also, I had planned to wear it to the NorCal Summer Picnic.

I changed my mind, though, I will be wearing Pikachu to the NorCal summer picnic instead. So many people are cosplaying Pokemon or Pokemon trainers, and I want in on all the Poke-shenanigans! My boyfriend is going to be Matt from Death Note, instead of the Hideki to my Chi. I feel a little bad switching on him so we're not matching anymore, but there's supposed to be a Misa there, so I'm not really worried about him feeling left out. Plus he loves being Matt, so it's all good. =]

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