HATZ! (Days 255 & 256)

So, the day after I made my first Mew hat, I sold it. It's hard to complain about making money, but at this rate, I won't have anything to sell at Kin-Yoobi. So I sat down today and made three hats! Another Mew, a Lugia, and a Bulbasaur. As I mentioned before, I'm trying to get at least one of each done. I'm going down the list I made, and according to the list, I should have made a Ho-Oh today, but Lugia was ridiculously time-consuming, with almost twenty individual pieces to put together, and Ho-Oh has just as many, if not more. Bulbasaur just looked so much easier, and he was! He's also adorable.

Tomorrow, I should be making at least Ho-Oh and Squirtle, and if I have enough time, a Charmander too.


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