Norcal Summer Picnic 2010

(Since this isn't a convention, it won't be reported on my other blog, only here.)

The picnic was held in Kelly Park in San Jose, California. It was a great location for photographs as well as just having a good time in general. I cosplayed as human-form/gijinka Pikachu.

We arrived late, as usual, around 1:30. The first thing I wanted to do was set up the bubble machine, but to my dismay, we needed a screwdriver to open it! D= So with the help of foxberry and her boyfriend, we went on a hunt for a screwdriver. A ridiculous amount of people got involved. Eventually someone came with a pocket knife that had a nail file, and we got it open. Unfortunately, it wasn't the best bubble machine ever (that's what you get for ten bucks) but it did produce bubbles =]

Then it was time for a group photoshoot with all of the cosplayers. That took up a good chunk of time, but that's alright =] It was quite fun posing next to other Pokemon cosplayers. After that, I got to eat! I had a burger and a sanwich roll thing and some Chex mix and some Snapple. So basically everything but what I brought. All I brought (other than the bubble machine and toys) was a case of Pepsi, which magically disappeared while I was playing frisbee. I'm going to tell myself that they all got drank, which is awesome for me, because on the car ride over, I taped a Kin-Yoobi flier to every single can xD Shameless advertising for the win!

While I was trying to eat, I got my picture taken by OscarC. He showed me the pictures on his camera after he took them, but I'm still waiting to see them online.

Then back to eating! Except I didn't get to finish because it was PINATA TIME! I was going to hit the pinata, but I didn't want to be blindfolded, so I just watched instead. I still got candy! That was indeed the world's hardest pinata though. It didn't break until somebody punched through it...

Then back to food! I never did finish that burger... I got bored and we went to play frisbee. Out on the lawn, there were a bunch of cosplayers searching through the grass. We joined in on the search for a Rinoa cosplayer's lost rings. I'm not entire sure how long we searched, but it felt like hours... So many random people gave us so many weird looks. It was kind of funny, but kind of not. Kinda like "We're busy here, we don't have time to be looked at, sheesh!" One guy came up with his kids and asked it we did parties, like we were some kind of entertainers.. We tried explaining that cosplay was just a hobby, but he didn't get it, so we directed him to Ha. Poor guy. He promised that he'd come back with a metal detector to help us look for the rings, but we never showed.

The group of us looking for the rings ended up playing frisbee again. A running gag was that the frisbee was attracted to me because we were both yellow >_> In the end, we had to leave before the game was through, so I just let the group keep the frisbee. I do hope someone brings it (or a better one) to the another NorCal gathering =/ I didn't really want it though. I'll buy myself a nicer one over the summer.

Overall, I had a really fun time. I do hope I somehow stay in contact with a lot of people and get to see them at other cons and gatherings ^-^


  1. was too shy to ask u for an image, so here is 1 of your bubble machine:

  2. Aww, lol thank you. You could've asked for my picture, it's cool xD

  3. Thank you for doing a shoot with me! I've posted my favorite photo to Facebook ( and all of the photos from the shoot to my site at Please email me if you need help downloading photos from my site.