New Pikachu Headpiece! (Day 249)

After much deliberation (all of five minutes =O), I decided to make a new set of Pikachu ears. Originally, I tried to make the ears to put on the headpiece, but they didn't stay up. So I took an old pair of Pikachu ears and used them instead. I must say, I think it worked wonderfully =]

The ears themselves were storebought about a year ago, and came attached to a Pikachu mask hat thing. I originally took them off and put them on hair clips, but those were hard to keep on and couldn't be worn for longer than an hour without having to be readjusted.

So I ripped them off of the clips and sewed them onto a piece of yellow fleece, which I then trimmed with white lace. It's held on like a headband with a piece of elastic.

Today, I also realized that I really, really, really need to buckle down and start making Pokemon hats. I need to make 62 of them just to have the minimum of what I originally planned. I may just give in and buy all of the fabric I need for all of them at once. Ah, the money. I will miss it..

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