Hater's Gonna Hate (Day 252)

Whoever's been leaving me nasty comments on my past posts, you can stop now, I'm just deleting them all. This is the only acknowledgment you're going to get from me.

In better news, NorCal Cosplay Picnic is tomorrow! I know I've barely posted anything about it, but I am going, I just didn't know that I was until like a week ago. There will be a "convention" report on my other blog and a general overview here, but since it's not a con, I'm not sure whether or not there will be an official Game-Zone Recreation report. I forgot to ask whether or not I'm expected to write one.

Ahh, I haven't sewed in what feels like forever (even though it's only been a couple of days). I may sew some time tonight, if not, then on Sunday =] I need to make hats!

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