HATS! (Days 253 & 254)

I made two more hats =] Another Magikarp and a Mew.

ALSO~! I'm putting together a beach cosplay gathering on July 10th! Check out the Cosplay.com thread >>here<< for more info. I will be cosplaying Swimmer Girl from Pokemon Platinum, and my boyfriend will be cosplaying Biker Guy from Pokemon Platinum. We're actually almost done with our costumes too, even though we only seriously started two days ago. All I have to do is exchange my bathing suit bottom for a smaller one, buy a beach ball, and paint it. All my boyfriend (meaning me) has to do is find my old visor and paint it. Whee~! Easiest cosplays EVAH!

As for my Franziska von Karma cosplay and his Miles Edgeworth cosplay.. I suppose they're sort of on hold. I'm trying to finish all of these hats before I work on Franziska and Miles. I'm probably going to work right up to the day before Kin-Yoobi on the hats, but that'll still give me over two full months to finish Franziska and Miles, so I'm not too worried yet. =]


  1. Omg will you ever make another one again?

  2. Yes! I make hats as they are ordered. Check out my website here!: http://fleecehats.webs.com/