Franziska's Vest (Days 247 & 248)

So I'm already almost finished with Franziska's vest after only a few days of work =] In all seriousness, no, it's not perfect, but it's pretty damn close. It just doesn't fit 100% perfectly, heh. However, the lines on the hems and everything somehow fall in the exact places that they should, so I'm not going to mess with it.

I, being how I am, did not want to make four buttonholes , partially because I don't trust my machine's buttonholing function, so instead, I ended up sewing on nine, counth then, nine snaps instead. Yeah... Still debating whether or not that was worth it...

Tomorrow, or most likely Monday, I'd like to make the buttons and glue them on. Yeah, I'm gluing buttons on. Because I used snaps instead of buttonholes. Because my machine scares me (as it probably mad at me >_>).

ALSO! I'll be going to the NorCal Summer Picnic on June 19th! If you're going, keep a lookout for me! =D I decided to go as Chi from Chobits and drag my boyfriend along as Hideki =D Hoping for some good photos of those costumes still, otherwise I'd be going as Pikachu. =/

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