Super Lazy... (Days 257 & 258)

After nearly putting my Ho-Oh hat through a paper shredder out of sheer HATE, I haven't been working on hats. It was horrible what happened that day... Everything was going well until I couldn't turn the first wing I made inside-out because it was too small and thick. When I finally got both done (after way too much time and effort) I realized that they looked ridiculous because they were so small. I didn't want to remake them, so I thought I'd just have a Ho-Oh without wings. First of all, now you can't tell what it is... When I went to finish the last bit (the rim that goes around the bottom) I realized that I had no bright yellow fleece. After that ridiculously long trip to JoAnn's to buy all the fabric I needed, I forgot to get bright yellow. I held it up next to the same orange that I used for the body, but that just made it be too orange, so I left it.

I began a Dratini hat, but by that point, I was just too frustrated to work on anything and had to just walk away.

In other news, I'm also out of pink thread.

In other other news, I feel like I have three non-paying jobs. My hats, Game-Zone Recreation (aka Kin-Yoobi Con), and my mom's and my vending machine business. I'm over worked and, not underpaid, but not paid at all. Although my mom did bail me out of some pretty bad overdraft fees via US Bank. She said that was my pay =/ I don't think she would have paid me that much money, but oh well. At least I don't owe them $150 anymore o.o

In cosplay news, there's a ridiculous surplus of red men's suits at the Thrift Store near my house. Mile's Edgeworth anyone? =]

ALSO! (My goodness, this feels like a lot.) I'm almost finished with my beach cosplay of Swimmer Girl from Pokemon Platinum. All I need to do is paint the beach ball I got like a Pokeball and maybe find a red hair tie, because I didn't know hers was read, I thought you couldn't see it, but now I know ^-^

I've noticed that some of my cosplays I just don't take that seriously. Pikachu is definitely one of them, though I've learned to love it beyond belief. Swimmer Girl is going to be another one. I feel like my brain might explode if I take on too many serious cosplays. I need some that I can just play with and have fun. Although, I must say, I totally lucked out when finding my Swimmer Girl bathing suit. It's not quite exactly the same color, and the bottoms are cut a little higher than they appear to be in the one reference picture in existence, but for just walking into Target and finding them, they're ridiculously good! My only other option was making them and there's no way I was going to do that.


  1. Did someone say thrift store?

    How odd. While I was driving home yesterday and passed the Salvation Army, there were racks of bright blue suits sitting out front. I should go back and get one for Phoenix Wright. >.>

  2. Thrift Stores are amazing =O I haven't bought cosplay stuff from one in soooo long though. Not for myself anyway, I've been sewing things a lot lately. It makes me proud and tired at the same time.


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