Fabric =] (Day 246)

Whee! So I went to the fabric store and bought fabric for Franziska's vest things. It's absolutely perfect. I love the color and the type of fabric and the way it moves and stretches. Which of course all means that I'll hate the way it sews. I've never found a fabric that I 100% liked.

In addition to that, I also bought fabric from another few hats. I got a request for a Fox McCloud hat, which would be fairly easy, seeing as he only wants the ears and helmet, not the eyes or anything else. Easy enough if I can find a picture of the back of his head. Will probably check my Super Smash Bros. Brawl game for that some time tomorrow.

And I met a fellow cosplayer who works at the JoAnn's in my city! ^-^ I thought that that was her, but I never knew for sure >_> And now I know! Totally awesome if you ask me. =]


  1. XD That is really awesome that you found a cosplayer at JoAnn's. W00t. Congrats on getting more fabric. I recently went fabric shopping for my Luxray costume!!!

  2. She's on Cosplay.com too =] I talked to her online and she said that she worked at the JoAnn's here, but we never met up, haha. I got to talk to her again today ^-^